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    The Story You Tell Yourself Shapes the Story You’ll Create for Your Future

    If there’s only one thing I will deliberately try to help you improve, it’s the story you tell yourself (and sometimes others) about who you are, what you’ve been through, and what you can do. We refer to this as your “personal narrative” and this is the little voice you hear in your head that, you might say, is your constant mental nourishment.

    You won’t be changing the facts of your story to try and improve it. That would just be self-deceptive. Instead, we will work to improve the way in which you tell your story. You will learn, sometimes, to take a different (and probably wider) perspective with past life events and your role in them.

    You will work on becoming accountable for choices, in the way an accountant accurately and objectively details a spreadsheet, but you will start to become less self-blaming and judgmental in your self-assessment.

    Finally, you will begin to reconstruct your personal narrative in a manner that is more self-empathic and true to the wholestory, rather than the selective negative highlights.

    Don’t put this off; there’s just too much you’re avoiding by keeping yourself in the same old story!