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Psychological Freedom Intensive

Are you ready to make a lasting change in a minimal amount of time?

If you answered yes, you may be a great candidate for the Psych Freedom Intensive based on therapeutic assessment principles as developed by Dr. Stephen Finn and members of the Center for Therapeutic Assessment.  This service is a high-powered and deep-diving personal journey into your psyche infusing the science behind today’s best psychological assessment techniques and tools. It is a based on a collaborative therapeutic alliance you’ll form with your therapist. 

In this short-term intervention, you will:

  • Identify QUESTIONS you have of yourself that you haven’t yet been able to answer
  • Utilize assessment measures to IDENTIFY personal areas of importance, strength, liability, and uniqueness
  • Develop an ALLIANCE with me to collaboratively develop new insights, self-compassion, and understanding of your journey in life so far
  • Create BREAK-THROUGHS to free yourself of psychological obstacles
  • Build a new and more empathic life NARRATIVE that bolsters your sense of confidence and self-worth, moving forward.
  • And finally, ANSWER the questions you developed for yourself at the beginning of this process

The Psych Freedom Intensive covers all of the areas of traditional psychological assessments and can usually serve similar referral concerns.

The big difference is that most psychological assessments are designed to convey information to other professionals. Collaborative assessment is explicitly designed, first and foremost, to have a direct therapeutic effect on you.

We currently offer the Psych Freedom Intensive

  • As its own standalone treatment
  • To clients of other therapists whose treatment has reached a plateau; most clients then continue on with their therapist past the plateau
  • To couples looking to enhance their relationship
  • To individuals seeking Health Improvement Consultation