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  • Postdoc Opportunity

    The Center for Psychological Freedom in Coral Springs, FL is recruiting a full-time Clinical Postdoctoral Associate, with term commencing in August 2023.  The program is seeking a recent graduate of a clinical or counseling psychology APA-accredited doctoral program and predoctoral internship who is interested in a focus on personality assessment and integrative therapy with an emphasis in utilizing, operationalizing, researching, and training with the Millon Clinical Inventories. For the 2023-24 term, the practice is specifically seeking out candidates with a strong interest in child and adolescent psychology, though the caseload will not be exclusive to this population.

    A secondary emphasis in this postdoctoral program will be on the development of competencies related to independent and/or group practice of psychology beyond requisite clinical competency. As many, if not most, doctoral programs de-emphasize the “business” aspects of psychology practice, this component is designed to fill gaps in this important part of training. The program seeks to instill foundational knowledge for the resident to ultimately feel a level of confidence in branching out to leadership in independent practice.

    The postdoctoral program may be seen as a mentorship providing the opportunity to plant seeds for focal psychological offerings that the successful resident may ultimately use as part of a future independent psychology practice following the training year and, potentially, a subsequent entry positon with The Center for Psychological Freedom.

    For further information and to apply/schedule an interview,  email to [email protected]

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