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    Our Approach to Treatment

    We often attract clients who have already had their fair share of therapy. It’s common for our new clients to speak of their prior therapy experiences by saying something like, “Yes, my symptoms reduced. I wasn’t as (anxious/sad/upset/angry/etc.), but I seem to be doing the same things with the same results all over again.”

    Most therapies are measured by how well they reduce symptoms. That isn’t unimportant, but it is FAR from the whole story. Of course, you want to feel better and become happier, and that shouldn’t be minimized. In fact, we use some of these “faster relief” methods, and we sometimes refer to psychiatrists for medication assessment but always in the context of a bigger picture.

    And that bigger picture is YOU, more psychologically healthy and free.

    By learning about and addressing your more deeply-rooted psychological patterns, we work together to build longer-lasting resiliency and much more satisfying life circumstances.

    This works a bit against the traditional medical model, and you can be sure, insurance companies aren’t crazy about this. A measure of an effective treatment for them is, “By what percentage has the symptom reduced?” but not, “How has this patient’s life improved over the long run?”

    It’s not the easier answer to resolving mental health concerns, but it is the more complete answer. For that reason, we’re not the best fit for people who simply want to “fix a problem” but aren’t interested in making changes to improve life moving forward. But if you ARE a good fit, we encourage you to take action today and set up your free 15 minute phone consultation now.