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Individual Therapy

Is what you’ve been doing not working? Or not working for you any more?

Whether it’s current life challenges or long-standing or repeated difficulties, you’ve been doing the best you can with the coping skills you have. What you know and what you’ve been doing may not be quite the right fit for your challenges. That means it’s time to expand on your strengths and let go of what no longer serves you well.

Our therapists are collaborative. We draw on our many years of experience in studying and treating personality patterns and disorders to hone in on “mismatches” between your strengths and vulnerabilities and your unique challenges. Your job in therapy is even more important and draws critically on your own expertise: Yourself. Putting our hearts and minds together, we create a working environment where you can feel free to face your vulnerabilities, salve your wounds, and build on your strengths.

Our experience with personality psychology adds to our work with a wide variety of common therapy challenges, such as depression and anxiety. It also lends itself strongly to a number of specialized challenges, including, but not limited to:

  • Building a healthy lifestyle/managing health challenges
  • Overcoming self-defeating attitudes and actions
  • Addressing men’s issues (health, self-image, relational, life stages)
  • Countering underachievements