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Peaceful Mental Health

Find The Resilience You Never Knew You Had.

We're here to help you address a wide range of issues, from anxiety and depression to self-esteem, school, work, and social conflicts, guiding you towards psychological freedom.

Discover healing in the company of others.

Find personal growth through tailored support.

Transform your well-being with our guidance.

Why Change

“And The Time Came When The Risk To Remain Tight In A Bud Was More Painful Than The Risk It Took To Blossom.”
-Anais Nin

Sometimes life is easy; other times, it’s anything but that. Sometimes, you or a loved one need some help to figure it all out and work through some of life’s most challenging problems. We all have battles to fight and hurdles to overcome, all the way through the lifespan. Whether it’s a struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, school challenges, social or work conflicts, or really, any issue, freeing yourself from psychological challenges and blocks can go a long way. That’s why we’re here for you at The Center for Psychological Freedom.

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Counseling Services

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The Psychological Freedom Intensive
A deep-dive, short-term process to answer your most perplexing questions about yourself.
For many, the personal journey toward psychological freedom begins with the first step.
Child/Adolescent Therapy and Assessment
The challenges of life extend all the way down to our early years and beyond.
Multi-Generational Trauma
Uncover and release deeply-seated relationship patterns that no longer work for you.
Group Therapy
Gain a real sense of how others experience you and start living with more confidence and authenticity.​
Health Improvement Consultation
Find the right mindset for your health and wellness plan.


Are you ready to make real, lasting changes and forge the life you really deserve?
Do you seem to endlessly struggle with “impossible” relationships (family, friends, romantic)?
You’re likely here because you found yourself in long-term patterns of repetition and “stuckness.”
Have you “tried everything” to help your child/adolescent with their struggles at school, at home, and with their peers?
Do you struggle with self-critical feelings, or disempowerment in dealing with others? Do you notice it affecting everything, even your health?


Have you grown frustrated with “quick fix” therapies that give temporary relief, only to discover that your underlying difficulties are still there?

It’s important to alleviate your symptoms, but that is not the whole picture. It’s taken a lifetime to create those underlying difficulties, but that doesn’t mean it will take a lifetime to correct. Focusing on personality as your psychological immune system is key to lasting, wide-ranging improvement.
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