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Group Therapy

It takes a village… and NOT just to raise a child.

So much of your world is based around your interactions with important people in your life and how you manage what you say, how you say it, and your overall impression on others.

Do you ever wonder if you’re micro-managing all of this? Maybe you’re second-guessing yourself or not having a realistic sense of how others see you?

Group therapy is geared toward examining and better understanding and trusting yourself in your relationships with family, friends, work associates, and significant others.

One of the most powerful and most overlooked therapies, group therapy helps you see yourself as others see you and find the most effective strategies for better communication and better relationships. All of this paves the way to better mental health. Some groups have themes (such as grief, social anxiety, toxic relationships, etc.) while others are more open-ended, where you may be free to work on your unique interpersonal challenges.


How much does it cost?

The cost is $65/session or $250 if paid monthly. 

How long is each group?

Some groups are ongoing.  Members will enter and exit but usually we will ask for a six-week minimal commitment. Other groups are more structured and their length can be found in their descriptions.

Are the groups in person or virtual?

While groups are currently planned to take place in-person, the status of COVID-19 may, at any time, necessitate a shift to virtual sessions via Zoom. 

Where do the groups meet?

Groups meet at our office at 2929 N. University Drive Suite 105 in Coral Springs. 

Who are the group facilitators?

Both Dr. Grossman and Dr. Walls lead groups at The Center for Psychological Freedom. 

Is group therapy a cheaper but less effective form of therapy?

Group therapy is often more cost effective for therapy seekers, but it is NOT inferior in any way. However, it is a little different. Group therapy may require an ability to “hold” some needs in order to share the therapy space with others. On the other hand, it has a benefit that does not happen in individual therapy: You have a chance to see yourself as others see you (in effect, multiple co-therapists), while focusing your therapeutic experience on real-life social interactions. 

How do I join the group?

Call us at 954-434-1886 to schedule a brief consultation to see if the group is the right fit for you.