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    Group Therapy

    It takes a village… and NOT just to raise a child.

    So much of your world is based around your interactions with important people in your life, and how you manage what you say, how you say it, and your overall impression on others.

    Do you ever wonder if you’re micro-managing all of this? Maybe second-guessing yourself, or not having a realistic sense of how others see you?

    Group therapy is geared toward examining and better understanding and trusting yourself in your relationships with family, friends, work associates, and significant others:

    Group Therapy

    One of the most powerful and most overlooked therapies, group therapy helps you see yourself as others see you, and find the most effective strategies for better communication and better relationships. All of this paves the way to better mental health. Some groups have themes (such as grief, social anxiety, toxic relationships, etc.) while others are more open-ended, where you may be free to work on your unique interpersonal challenges.

    The following groups are now forming:

    • Interpersonal Process Group: Will be scheduled for Monday evenings, 6:30pm – 8pm. Please contact us to be added to the list.